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Sunnyvale Sleep Apnea Dentist

One out of every fifty adults has an undiagnosed case of sleep apnea. Have you been evaluated for sleep apnea? Even in its mild to moderate form, obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a notorious precursor to daytime fatigue, can result in accidents behind the wheel or on the job. At the office of Theresa Frank DDS, our experienced Sunnyvale sleep apnea dentist provides a sweeping range of advanced dental services for you and your loved ones, from the most advanced implant, prosthetic and cosmetic treatments for your smile, to the fundamentals in preventive and emergency dental care. Highly skilled and experienced in the area of dental sleep medicine, Dr. Frank offers treatments for a variety of bedtime conditions, from snoring, to treatments for bruxism and sleep apnea.

Sunnyvale Sleep Apnea Dentist

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the soft tissues of the throat slacken to the point of occluding the airway during sleep. According to recent research, sufferers of sleep apnea can stop breathing hundreds of times, for anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute at a time throughout the course of the night. The restriction of oxygen to the brain which results can lead to a variety of side effects, from morning headaches and irritability, to memory loss and, perhaps most dangerously, daytime fatigue. Your Sunnyvale sleep apnea dentist offers an ingenious treatment solution, proven to be effective in the treatment of most mild to moderate cases of sleep apnea. With a custom fabricated oral appliance, tailor made to hug every crest and contour of your smile, your airway can be comfortably kept open throughout the night. Appliances for sleep apnea support the jaw in a forward position, helping you to breath freely while you sleep. By scheduling assessments every year to check on the fit of your appliance, your dentist can ensure the maximum effectiveness of your treatment.

When it comes to dental sleep medicine, you can depend on your Sunnyvale sleep apnea dentist to provide the exceptional quality care you deserve. From oral appliances to treat obstructive sleep apnea, to snoring appliances and night guards for the treatment of bruxism, you’ll be in excellent hands at the office of Theresa Frank DDS. To schedule your next appointment, call today!

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