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Which 94087 Dental Office Can Whiten My Teeth?

When it comes to improving your appearance, your 94087 dental office is one of the best resources in town! While we may not ordinarily think about it, our smile plays a critical role nonverbal communication. Why not make sure that yours is saying all the right things? At the office of Theresa Frank DDS, our experienced dentist is highly skilled in a broad range of dental treatments, and is more than happy to walk you through a state-of-the-art selection of services to help restore the warmth and beauty of your smile. Whether you’re considering having your teeth professionally whitened, or a complete smile makeover with porcelain dental veneers, you can trust in the experience and skill of Dr. Frank.

94807 Dental Office

Your smile is unique, so you can expect to receive highly personalized treatment options based on your goals. For many patients seeking a simple and effective way to revitalize their appearance, prescription strength teeth whitening offers an excellent solution. The whitening agent your dentist uses is custom concentrated for the safest, fastest, and most brilliant results! Despite the growing popularity of over-the-counter whitening strips, pastes and gels, many of these products are easily misused or abused, resulting in harm to the tissues of the mouth. When you have your teeth professionally whitened under the supervision of your dentist, you can rest assured that your safety and oral health come first. Prior to your treatment, your dentist will carefully examine the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws, to ensure that your treatment is as effective as possible. Your dentist will isolate, or in certain cases, treat any vulnerable regions of your mouth before your treatment. The fastest results can be achieved by coming in for your treatment directly in our 94087 dental office. Many of our patients find that their teeth are several shades lighter by the time they leave the office!

If you’re thinking about improving your appearance, whitening your smile is a simple way to make a big difference! To schedule your next cosmetic consultation at our 94087 dental office, contact the friendly staff at the practice of Theresa Frank DDS today!


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