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Sunnyvale Dentist Office

At the office of Theresa Frank DDS, your Sunnyvale dentist office is making a difference one smile at a time. Our talented dentist provides a sweeping range of advanced dental services for patients of all ages. From the foremost cosmetic, implant, and restorative treatments, to the fundamental preventive and emergency dental care you require from time to time, our office is an exceptional quality resource for your continued oral health. Dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care, Dr. Frank has been establishing an excellent reputation throughout the Sunnyvale, Santa Clara and Mountain View areas, for over 25 years, and welcomes the opportunity to make you smile at her office!

Sunnyvale Dentist Office

By maintaining a consistent oral care regimen at home, you can dramatically reduce your risk for dental disease. The dental plaque which accumulates regularly in our mouths is home to harmful bacteria, which can ultimately lead to cavities and the development of gum disease. Your Sunnyvale dentist office is here to provide you with professional oversight in all matters relating to your continued oral health. From helping you brush up on your oral care regimen at home, to providing professional teeth cleanings, as well as comprehensive oral examinations, the latest research attests that scheduling semi-annual checkups in combination with a proper oral care regimen at home can almost entirely prevent the onset of a variety of dental health conditions at every stage of life! With the routine oversight of your dentist, a sweeping range of dental conditions can be checked for and caught early on, when they’re typically easiest to treat. From screenings for oral cancer and periodontal disease, to the slightest indications of dental decay, TMJ, or impacted teeth, our dentist makes use of the foremost diagnostic technology and techniques so that you can benefit from the best that modern dentistry has to offer.

By making the commitment to schedule checkups every six months at our Sunnyvale dentist office, our experienced dentist can help you establish and maintain excellent oral health! To schedule your next visit to receive the exceptional quality preventive dental care you deserve, give a call to the office of Theresa Frank DDS today!

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