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When it comes to protecting your smile from harm, you can trust in the office of Theresa Frank DDS. Dr. Frank has been providing exceptional quality dental care to the greater Silicone Valley area for years and makes a sweeping range of advanced dental services available to you and the ones you love. If you or a family member plays sports, we’re proud to offer top-quality 94087 mouthguards to defend against dental injuries on the playing field.

94087 mouthguards

Playing sports is a great way to get exercise and is a lot of fun too! Whether you or your kids play sports on a team or recreationally, it’s still always critical to keep your body safe from injury. Depending on which sport you play, you may wear shin guards, helmets, kneepads, or protective eyewear. But are you wearing 94087 mouthguards? The most recent research reveals that wearing a mouthguard significantly reduces the incidence and severity of trauma to the teeth and mouth area in the event of a sports-related injury or accident. In fact, studies show that athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to the teeth when involved in an injury when not wearing a mouthguard.

At the office  of Theresa Frank DDS, we offer sports mouthguards, specially designed to provide you with superior protection while you play. They are custom contoured to every ridge and rise of your teeth, for the most secure fit and maximal comfort. Our 94087 mouthguards are fabricated with the highest quality BPA-free plastics, and are smooth to the touch. Most importantly, they offer a highly effective buffer against impact in the event of an injury or accident on the field.

To learn more about how the office of Theresa Frank DDS can help safeguard your smile give a call to our friendly staff. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have, and look forward to becoming your trusted dental care provider.

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