Where can I get 94087 Dental Implants?

If you’re considering your best options for replacing missing teeth, consulting with an experienced dentist, prepared to offer you compassionate care and the professional guidance you can trust makes all the difference. At the office of Theresa Frank DDS, our team is on standby to support you throughout each stage of your oral care experience. Offering a comprehensive range of advanced dental services, Dr. Frank is more than happy to walk you through your best replacement options, addressing any questions or concerns you may have so that you can make the most well-informed decisions about your treatment. Whether you’re considering the highest quality custom bridgework, dentures, or 94087 dental implants, you’ll be in the very best of hands at our office.

94087 Dental Implants

In recent years, modern solutions for replacing missing teeth have become increasingly sophisticated. From the fully customized provision of dental bridgework, dentures, and 94087 dental implants, fabricated to suit the unique functional and esthetic needs of your smile, our dentist will carefully examine your oral health and determine the best options for you. When it comes to replacing single, several, or all missing teeth along a dental arch, dental implants offer an exceptional solution. Modeled directly after the anatomy of your natural teeth, dental implants replace the entire tooth, from the lowermost root to the uppermost crown. With a surgical post that inserts directly into the jawbone, implants behave in much the same way as the roots of your own teeth to stimulate the bone tissue, helping to retain the natural contours of your facial features, and promote the overall health of your jaws. As the surgical post of the implant travels upward from the bone and through the gums, it provides an unparalleled level of stability for securing a prosthesis above. From custom crowns, and permanent fixed bridges, to All-On-6®—a procedure which offers a full replacement for an entire dental arch, secured with the strategic placement of six dental implants—there are a wide range of possibilities which can be tailored to your exact needs.

To learn more about 94087 dental implants and the best choices for restoring your smile, contact the experienced implant dentist at the office of Theresa Frank DDS today!

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